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Living Technology Series

The series "Live Technology that Transforms Agriculture" is a 10-episode documentary production, aimed at television, following the journey of Jaqueline Silva, journalist and series presenter, through the universe of Biological Control. The series is informative and will explore how research and technology have allowed the natural enemies of pests and diseases affecting agriculture to be used in favor of the rural producer, through biological control.


The comprehensive journey covered in the series will present everything from Research & Development, production of micro and macrobiologicals to field application, going beyond farm gates and bringing protagonism to these biological control agents and their results, which have been contributing to the sustainability, productivity, and profitability of

Brazilian crops.

Sobre a Koppert


Koppert is the world's leading company in biological control, with the mission of contributing to a more sustainable world through macro and microbiological solutions, bioactivators, monitoring tools, and investment in Research & Development.

We use natural enemies to combat agricultural pests and diseases, improving plant health, both above and below ground, and promoting balance, sustainability, and productivity in crops.


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Canal Rural is a Brazilian television station headquartered in São Paulo, a leader in Communication in the Brazilian Agribusiness. With over 20 years of work promoting agriculture, it covers events, auctions, interviews, and launches aimed at farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness professionals across the country.


In addition to the TV channel, it operates strongly through its digital platforms, establishing itself as a 360º information channel in agriculture.


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